The Internet Of Things- Changing The Game For Education And Learning.

There’s been so much buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) lately –
But first let’s understand what IoT is all about.

“The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and  other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.”

Thus for today’s students, the day will come when a computer is no longer seen as a separate object or device. With technology very much entwined in the basic fabric of everyday living, our children might feel offended if their obedient room lamp doesn’t immediately acknowledge their presence by switching itself on. The realm of education is no exception to the IoT’s influence. Until now, educational technology has pivoted more or less around virtual conferencing and classrooms, online tutorials, and similar offerings. However, this is only the beginning.

Here are five ways the IoT can transform education:

smart board

IoT helps in connecting academies all over the map. One such example would be the smart boards and even smarter boards.





IoT helps to Win over students and parents with a safe and secure learning environment. It ensures safety and security with the help of sensors, RFID’S, cameras and other connected devices.



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IoT helps in Conserving and sustaining to survive and flourish i.e. schools can use IoT to support its energy monitoring and control program and reinvest the savings into its education programs.


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Grant parity for all:  IoT has a lot to offer students who need  modified learning plans and exceptions. One such example is the Lechal shoe project, which enables the visually challenged to better navigate the world through technology.



Turn learners into creators: IoT is an excellent opportunity for schoolchildren to understand, build, and control such systems themselves thereby paving way for creativity.



Get ready folks for the all new digital century!!!!!!!

Article by: EVANJELIN.S



Passion is a strong emotion. It is not just a passing fancy but a thing which has become a part of you. Before you can say you have a passion, you need to first find that which you are passionate about. You need to go through the series of small interests to discover what you are truly passionate about. The following are the ways to ease it.

road to passion

Have the right perspective
Think back to your childhood
Take note of things you gravitate towards
Track the things you hate
Love everything you do
Face your fears

Henceforth, your state of mind plays a key role in what you become passionate about and how you feel about a thing determines your attitude to it. It is very important to have the right perspective. Meanwhile, try to recall the things and activities that you used to love before adulthood got in the way. This can go a long way in helping you restore your love for things and even kick-start your passion. To put it in practice, take a long and hard look at what you spend most of your time or money on. These insights usually are things we are very invested in or are passionate about. So list the things or jobs that you hate. Once you list and delete these options, your true passion will eventually become clearer to you. This is the elimination method were no matter what you are doing, how tedious the task is; bring your full enthusiasm into it. Your full attention helps you to think outside the box sometimes. Attempt tasks knowing that if you decide to do it, you are going to with zeal. On the due course, there are fears connected to finding and chasing our passions. These debilitating fears are sometimes logical, and at other times, they are not. However, in most cases, they hold us back. You have to face these fears and conquer them. This would let you move to chasing your passions.

!!Think Positive. Remain Open-minded. Surround yourself with Positive People!!

Article by : PRAKALPA G

Some quips to maximize productivity with the help of BIORHYTHM

The three famous and well used quotients in every human being are Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual.

These quotients are determined by measurable factors devised for itself, which is in turn used to describe the traits of a person.

In terms of professional help, these traits are analyzed further to help our people, to understand, if they are choosing their career path using their innate abilities and strength. In other words this is called as Intuition.

While I came across an article, I wanted to share this important element. There is a rhythm in everything. This will help us learn the soul’s direction.

This factor etches out a person’s day in an ideal way. Understanding this rhythm is also dependent of physical, emotional and intellectual cycle that a person undergoes every day. To know more about these rhythms, please check

What we need to understand is quite simple. Understanding this rhythm maximizes one’s productivity. It is also unique for every person.

This rhythm begins at the time of birth. For instance, the 12 sun signs are said to take different positions and based on the time zone and geographical location of birth, the sun sign is determined. Based on this, the beginning of the rhythm and the consecutive cycles are evident for every person.

Hope it helped some of you to begin the understanding of maximizing productivity based on the Rhythm.

I am going to learn and explore to share more! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


Information shared with interest by:

SaiLakshmi K V

Where are the Nightingales??

This article is dedicated for International Nurses Day. Beloved Florence Nightingale’s Birthday- May 12.


It is not to talk about a rosy picture. But the bitter facts.

Nursing as a career has always been tough. It is quite evident that they are paid lesser than what they deserve and low coverage on their medical risks and life protection.

Nurses are serving with great compassion as care takers with no difference between day and night. I wonder that even on the basis of Humanity, why they are being paid below standards.

Especially in Government hospitals, the pay is said to be extremely below standards and the ratio of patients to nurse which is essentially to be 4:1 has always been over accomplished. There are large number of vacancies in the nursing field. But why will one want to take it up as a career if it leaves one in sub-standard livelihood conditions.

In every career path, one has to make their way and move ahead. But in medical services, is that possible?

Forecast of opportunities from the Bureau of Labour Statistics says, by 2018, 22% of increase is expected in nursing jobs. The point of contemplation is, how we can bring the career back to boom and how as a society we promise this to be a respectable and promising career to the future generation.

We as a country are trying to bring equal career opportunities and to strike a healthy balance by giving adequate manpower into every stream. On the other hand, inadequate staffing and over responsibility had been evident over two decades in the Nursing profession.

This condition is not just affecting nursing but various other professions, leading to scarcity in many fields.

What can be done to solve this problem?

As an individual, one has to strive to achieve excellence and standards that their profession deserves. The fear that sets in one’s mind only proves to be ruining the opportunities for the future generation including themselves.

Career is pursued with passion. Low pay should not become a reason for not securing higher pay in future. Withstanding that pain and proving that what we do is unique and earning deserving respect and remuneration is the real victory.

Everything we do today has a reflection on tomorrow.

We just hope, in the coming days, the service to human kind is not underestimated.

Article by: SaiLakshmi K V

Identifying CORE career passion can reduce the rate of suicides!

This blog is dedicated for the aftermath of examination results, as many commit suicide believing that they have lost their dream career. 

Kids are becoming efficient and evolving as stronger human beings, even before we as adults, begin to accept that their mental maturity is higher than what we expect.

In this case, why not discuss various career opportunities, which is evolving and booming and help them draw a future plan? Students will be more than willing to accept the reality when they are not stressed.

Plan A, Plan B and Plan C..!! An intricate and exhaustive plan.

For instance, if a child wants to become a doctor and the marks secured does not match, there is an alternative way.

Please do the Root Cause Analysis of any wish or desire that is born . Below is an example to do this.

Desiring to become a doctor can be derived from following logical reasons:

1. Interested in relieving fellow human beings from pain.

2. Interested in analyzing applicable drugs and combinations. Thus be a source of relief.

3. Knowing the anatomy and functions of Human body.

4. Aspiring to be a specialized surgeon (Ex: Orthopedist, Cardiologist)

5. Dedicating oneself for serving people (Not aspiring for high remuneration)

If the reason is to wear a white coat, use a stethoscope and what not, then, one should contemplate if they are serious about their aspiration.

From the above reasons, except for becoming a surgeon, many other career streams offer the possibility to make their dream come true (Ex: Pharmaceutical, psychologists, psychiatrists, genetic experts and so on). Now you can explore and plan for your passionate career. This is what we call as Plan A, B and C! The story does not end with this. One has to be ready to pursue and be mentally prepared for uncertainty.

Efforts have to be channelized in the right way. Nothing is dearer than one’s life. Emotional support can also be successful when one has a solution for the other.

Concrete planning and honest efforts taken to know oneself, can solve any problem! 🙂

Article by: SaiLakshmi K V

Counseling- has it become a joke?

Career Choice is one of the most difficult decisions to be taken.

That too in a country like ours, where few courses are especially meant for girls and boys 😛 I know that is bad huh!!

One important incident- one of my friend with great difficulty found a course with essential components as he expected and that would help him become a professional counselor. The course was to be pursued in a distance mode as he is employed.

Celebrating the success of discovering that course, he went on to enquire and the person at the university’s administrative office said, ” We do not take classes for single person, can you bring in ten more people?”

He stood blank for a while!

This is the state of education. A course is recognized through the university and if someone is passionate to pursue, then he has to do marketing for his passion as well? That was a new concept.

In this scenario, runs a debate on our TV, saying in what way counselors are helpful? Are they right or wrong:-/

Remuneration is considered a success in our society. Job satisfaction is the prime most need for sustainability. There are umpteen number of youngsters, who have left their passion behind just for the so called sophisticated life.

A balance has to be built in the system of satisfaction based earning. This comes with knowledge and clarity. Please be brave in exploring career options with an open mind.

Where there is will, there is way!

Article by: SaiLakshmi K V