How to recognize your area of interest in choosing a right career!!

             Having more than a passing interest in an idea or venture plays a key role in whether you would be successful or not. Interest is like a physical manifestation of our inner zeal to do something. Of course, our interest may lie in multiple areas but there is usually that one (in some cases two) thing that we are more focused on. For some, especially those who always have this idea or that and want to try it all, here are ways on how to prioritize and pick the one you should focus on more.


     Passion is a vigorous emotion that creates a feeling of intense energy. Passion is a driving force and can help an individual to know who and what s/he is. Most of us have that one thing that gets our blood running and our minds fully engaged. That’s the one we can actually say we are passionate about. Most times, we let of these things, usually due to parental pressure or societal conduct and it is easy to get distracted by what is trending or being talked about. The desire to jump on the bandwagon can sometimes be very tempting. This is not bad, in itself. You can exploit this to find if you are interested.

     Explore. Find out things. Do things and you just might find out there is that passion that calls to you and you did not know about before. This helps you to get to have a broad idea of a lot of things, even those you do not spend your time doing.

     Do things that really make you feel alive. Be involved in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. We have a finite amount of time during the day and it is advisable to use most of it right. No one has achieved success who did not also manage his/her time well. Do what you love and love what you do. There are many people who want to follow their dreams but only a few are able to do so. Do not be held back by fear. Do not be held by those who say you cannot do it. Believe, love it, do it.

     No one has all the answers but some people have gone through the path you are about starting on or are in. These people have experience that you would do well to benefit from as they can point out what to do and what to avoid. There is no need to repeat the mistakes when someone else has already gone through the process. Do not keep your issues or questions to yourself. That passion that interests you might also scare you as the price of failure might be one you are not sure you are willing to pay. Seek guidance. Ask those who have done it before and succeeded. The man who asks directions never gets lost.  There are times when it all seems too much. We just want to stop, take a breather and not continue. In these moments, tell yourself that you must keep on. For some, it is due to finding themselves doing things they really are not passion about. This could be for money or to satisfy parental wishes. At a point, do you and never give up. Know if what you are doing is bringing you joy or if you really are just going through the motions. Always remember that giving up solves nothing. Draw up plan, save up and then chase those dreams wholeheartedly.

     In conclusion, do not place undue pressure on yourself as you seek that thing which would probably define the rest of your life. Some people find their answers early in life while others find it later. So long you do not give up on yourself, it will come to you.



Passion is a strong emotion. It is not just a passing fancy but a thing which has become a part of you. Before you can say you have a passion, you need to first find that which you are passionate about. You need to go through the series of small interests to discover what you are truly passionate about. The following are the ways to ease it.

road to passion

Have the right perspective
Think back to your childhood
Take note of things you gravitate towards
Track the things you hate
Love everything you do
Face your fears

Henceforth, your state of mind plays a key role in what you become passionate about and how you feel about a thing determines your attitude to it. It is very important to have the right perspective. Meanwhile, try to recall the things and activities that you used to love before adulthood got in the way. This can go a long way in helping you restore your love for things and even kick-start your passion. To put it in practice, take a long and hard look at what you spend most of your time or money on. These insights usually are things we are very invested in or are passionate about. So list the things or jobs that you hate. Once you list and delete these options, your true passion will eventually become clearer to you. This is the elimination method were no matter what you are doing, how tedious the task is; bring your full enthusiasm into it. Your full attention helps you to think outside the box sometimes. Attempt tasks knowing that if you decide to do it, you are going to with zeal. On the due course, there are fears connected to finding and chasing our passions. These debilitating fears are sometimes logical, and at other times, they are not. However, in most cases, they hold us back. You have to face these fears and conquer them. This would let you move to chasing your passions.

!!Think Positive. Remain Open-minded. Surround yourself with Positive People!!

Article by : PRAKALPA G

Where are the Nightingales??

This article is dedicated for International Nurses Day. Beloved Florence Nightingale’s Birthday- May 12.


It is not to talk about a rosy picture. But the bitter facts.

Nursing as a career has always been tough. It is quite evident that they are paid lesser than what they deserve and low coverage on their medical risks and life protection.

Nurses are serving with great compassion as care takers with no difference between day and night. I wonder that even on the basis of Humanity, why they are being paid below standards.

Especially in Government hospitals, the pay is said to be extremely below standards and the ratio of patients to nurse which is essentially to be 4:1 has always been over accomplished. There are large number of vacancies in the nursing field. But why will one want to take it up as a career if it leaves one in sub-standard livelihood conditions.

In every career path, one has to make their way and move ahead. But in medical services, is that possible?

Forecast of opportunities from the Bureau of Labour Statistics says, by 2018, 22% of increase is expected in nursing jobs. The point of contemplation is, how we can bring the career back to boom and how as a society we promise this to be a respectable and promising career to the future generation.

We as a country are trying to bring equal career opportunities and to strike a healthy balance by giving adequate manpower into every stream. On the other hand, inadequate staffing and over responsibility had been evident over two decades in the Nursing profession.

This condition is not just affecting nursing but various other professions, leading to scarcity in many fields.

What can be done to solve this problem?

As an individual, one has to strive to achieve excellence and standards that their profession deserves. The fear that sets in one’s mind only proves to be ruining the opportunities for the future generation including themselves.

Career is pursued with passion. Low pay should not become a reason for not securing higher pay in future. Withstanding that pain and proving that what we do is unique and earning deserving respect and remuneration is the real victory.

Everything we do today has a reflection on tomorrow.

We just hope, in the coming days, the service to human kind is not underestimated.

Article by: SaiLakshmi K V