Organizing your learning from home.

Many schools, universities and other educational institutions have started remote education by setting up online classes since the breakout of COVID-19. Many students struggle with maintaining the same level of focus they have when they are in a classroom as it is easier to get distracted at home. It is difficult enough to concentrate for a long time. But now students have to think about ways to focus on classes while staying at home as well. Attending online classes is definitely new experience for most students, so here are some tips to stay focused and make the most out of the situation.


Schedule Your Day: Have a routine! Set a schedule for when you plan to study, and relax. You could create a to-do list, everyday routine, set alarms and so on to schedule your day.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Physically and mentally better yourself – you can exercise, eat healthy meals, clean your room, relax, and so much more. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day to stay focused and productive. Social distancing can be lonely so continue being present and stay engaged with your family and friends.

Create a Space Dedicated to Study: Build a dedicated workspace to focus on your academics. Choose a specific spot as a “study location” whether it is in a room or living area. Avoid your bed or the kitchen table as a common place to study as it could be distracting with the thought of wanting to sleep or eat.

Update Your Gadgets and Technology: It won’t help your focus if you keep disconnecting from your online class or can’t hear and see properly. Therefore, it is important to update your existing technology, whether it’s your internet connection or your headset.

Eliminate Distractions: Turn off your phone and go to a place where you will not be distracted by texts, social media, and any other unnecessary distractions. Clear all distractions to solely focus on academics. Let your family know where you plan on studying so that they are aware. It is extremely hard to stay focused for a long period of time so set limit on how long you plan to study and also schedule periodic breaks in between.

Stay positive, stay safe, and stay home!

Article by : Evanjelin S

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