Embracing Technology and Digital Platforms- The Way Forward


The pandemic has impacted education systems around the world  making schools to rapidly change the basic way they do their work. Some have become old-fashioned correspondence schools, with the vast majority of interaction happening by written mail. Others have tried to recreate the school setting online using digital tools like Zoom. Others are in-between, directing students to online tutoring and practice programs, and posting videos.

 Innovation and technological advancements have ensured that we have the essentials needed to see through this pandemic. As nations around the world practice social distancing, technology is what is enabling a sense of sanity in these strange times i.e. through online classes. Students are also forced to adapt to this sudden transition.

Under these circumstances, technology and digital infrastructure have a critical role to play in keeping the children connected more than ever before and it is necessary for education systems to embrace new ways of teaching via their use of technology.

In the rush to move forward, it is important to make sure no one is left behind. For many students, this might be their first remote course experience, or they may be further challenged by access to the right technology or time zone differences.

At this unpredictable time, the students who can adapt in the smartest ways will make the best of the current climate and will be able to thrive when the world enters into a new chapter again.

Article by : Evanjelin S

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