remote learning

Today the world is witnessing the impact of Covid-19 on all facets of life- school education is no exception.

All schools and  parents  are facing an unprecedented situation,  where they need to keep their children safe and encourage gainful utilization of their time, while ensuring continuity of academic programs.

Online classrooms  and home based after-school programs, is the  New Normal.

The primary advantage, is without doubt , the academic session continuity, during the lock down  phase of Covid-19.

Knowledge and skill acquisition, is largely dependent on the child’s ability to shut out distractions and make the most of  the available time. Reduced scope for interactions  with classmates  at school, and the consequential boredom,  are few of the challenges.

Schools and parents may need to devise new  ways of managing learning, achieving academic goals, with lesser or no supervision.

What should parents  do to manage this new normal of the student staying connected and also needing to be productive?

How quickly can they gain access to online programs, resources and solutions for the growth and development of their children?

Answers to these, will determine their ability to sustain enthusiasm levels among the children, in the immediate term.

Exciting  times for learning management in a remotely connected world!

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