Know Who You Are!!!!!

A prerequisite for career planning is knowing who exactly you are. Ask yourself: Who am I? The answer holds key to your future. This is because knowing who you are is critical to knowing what you want. Hence the importance given to SELF-APPRAISAL in the career planning process.

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Self-appraisal results in understanding and insight by revealing thoughts and ideas which we may have been expressed or articulated.

What do I need to know about myself? When we talk about knowing oneself better or self-appraisal, what is it that you have to discover about yourself?

  • Ask yourself these simple questions:
  • What do I enjoy doing? –
  • What are the activities I am good at? – SKILLS AND ABILITIES
  • How would I describe myself as a person: my individual traits and attitudes? – PERSONALITY
  • What do I value the most? – VALUES


In choosing one’s career, the lion’s share of attention and importance should be given to interests. That brings us to the question ‘what if I do not have the necessary skills to pursue my interests?’ While interests are relatively independent of one’s abilities and skills, it is only a matter of time before one acquires those skills. Real life experiences should substantiate this research finding. If you really like doing something you will naturally dedicate the necessary time and effort to pursue it. Take a closer look at those activities that you have enjoyed being engaged in and your accomplishments. They could give you an insight into what kind of career to pursue.

Skills and abilities:

While interests are good indicator of your career choice, they shouldn’t be considered in isolation. Your interests have to be accomplished by your skills and abilities. Think about the activities that you involve yourself in and are good at, be it at home or in school, extracurricular or leisure activities. You might discover that there is a common skill or ability connecting these activities. While analysing skills, remember threesome skills that are inherent and cannot be developed with the passage of time, however, most skills and abilities can be developed.


Your personality influences your chances of success in a given career to a certain extent. If you are the kind of person who likes constant interaction with people, then choosing a career where you are confined within the four walls of a room working with machines will not enthuse you. However, personality traits are formed over a period of time based on one’s experiences and external environment. Hence your personality can change with the passage of time.


This aspect comes into play later on in the career planning cycle, typically while choosing a job. Locations, working hours and rewards are various factors that you will have to consider while choosing a job. Choose a career that will be able to meet your requirements.

Reference taken from the book:

Taking charge of your career by R. Kannan-CEO Assesspeople

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